LG 27UD68 4K LED IPS Monitor Review

LG 27UD68 4K LED IPS Monitor Review

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The LG 27UD68 is a 27 inch, 4K Ultra High Definition monitor that boasts incredible features and tech specs for a great price. Boasting a real world clarity and color calibration that is out of this world, this LG model has proven to be extremely popular among gamers and professional artists.


This LG features an IPS (In-plane switching) LED display with 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) that will make colors pop. With over 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum, this monitor is perfect for those seeking a 4K display for sharp imaging and extremely accurate colors. Professional photographers, graphic designers, gamers, and artists will find this 27 inch 4K display to be perfect for their needs.

Tech Specs

With a color depth of 10bit (8bit +A-FRC), in addition to the color gamut covering 99% of the sRGB spectrum, you can expect the very best of 4K resolution and detail available today.

Other tech specs include:

  • A response time of 5ms GTG
  • Refresh rate of 60 Hz
  • Aspect ratio of 1 6:9
  • Standard brightness of 350 cd/m2 (this can be changed in the settings and in pre-set gaming modes)
  • A contrast ratio of 5 million to 1 (5M:1)
  • A viewing angle of 178 / 178 degrees

The inputs and outputs included in this LG 27 inch monitor, include:

  • HDMI 2.0
  • DisplayPort (ver 1.2)
  • D-Sub

Special Features

  • Super Resolution+
  • 4 Screen Split
  • On Screen Control
  • Flicker Safe
  • Automatic Standby
  • Picture Mode
  • Reader Mode
  • Original Ratio
  • PIP
  • PBP
  • Six Axis Control
  • Smart Energy Saving



For the gamers among you, this monitor’s Ultra HD images are sharp, extraordinarily colorful, and will offer you the best gaming experience available. The clarity and fine details offered by 4K UHD displays are second to none.

This LG monitor contains an incredible 8.3 million pixels on this 4K screen: that is four times the resolution of Full HD. Whatever your gaming preferences are, from PC games, gaming on Steam, X box, and more, this monitor will offer an immersive gaming experience unlike anything else you have experienced.

Advanced Gaming Features

For the serious gamer, you will enjoy Dynamic Action Sync and Black Stabilizer, which optimizes the monitor’s settings for superior detail and vivid clarity in dark scenes during gaming. The Dynamic Action Sync also ensures fluid and smooth gameplay.


One of the highlights of the LG 27UD68 is its inclusion of FreeSync. This technology allows gamers and those watching films, to view fast on-screen movements without stuttering or tearing of the image. Tearing and stuttering occurs when there is a difference between one’s GPU (graphic card) frame rate and the refresh rate of the monitor. With FreeSync, you can play fast-paced games in 4K seamless and smoothly.


You can purchase the LG 27UD68 in store and online via Amazon, Newegg, Adorama, Best Buy, and other locations. This model retails for $499.99 and as a new and very popular monitor, the price has yet to drop. However, you can purchase a used model on Amazon for a little less than $400.


The LG 27UD68 is the complete 4K UHD package with incredible color accuracy, pinpoint detail and clarity, 4K resolution, a sleek design, convenient features sch as on-screen menu and control, FreeSync, and full color.

This model boasts real world clarity and it delivers.



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Website Award For Recognition

Website Award For Recognition

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Who does not like to be praised? Even those who say they do not like being praised are just humble. Praise improves your performance. It makes you feel better. It makes you feel powerful and capable of believing in your abilities. If you praise yourself, then you are certainly allowing yourself to be liked by others and this praise gives them the opportunity to like you and see more of your abilities.


Just like actors and students who get honored when they do something outstanding in their respective fields, praise improves the performance of website designers too.

When cyberspace companies recognize their individual efforts, these web designers feels appreciated. It is the very same like with actors – the more recognized you are, the more companies will want you and your reputation goes up to the sky.
Designing a website is not easy. It requires challenge and an understanding of the methods involved in designing an effective website. This is why just like students and actors are awarded for their efforts, the website awards are meant to award us designers.

These awards tend to recognize the best websites and encourage the web designers by rewarding them for their skills and hard work. Therefore, it is one thing to award a medal to actors but what kind of medal are the successful web designers awarded with. It is something we must mention to understand better what these actors receive when their work is recognized.
The best design websites are actually internationally recognized where they are mentioned in the global network community such as having a majority of hits. This is good for the designer because the number of people who flock to the webpage increase when they come to know how successful a particular website is. With international community recognizing the efforts of an individual or a company in promoting successful webpages, the individual or the company could win more projects for web designing.

For anybody who wishes to embark on the mission of web designing, you will feel appreciated when you win some awards. One of the awards that is certainly highly recognized in the team of award categories is the American Design Awards.

This award was actually founded by graphic designers and basically offers a platform where all other designers can actually portray their talents in the field of web designing.

Therefore, when you actually decide to create a website, you can actually be certain of the fact that somebody is recording your hits and falls. If you are mindful of the ‘watching’ factor, then there is no doubt that you will manage to receive an award pretty sooner or later.

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