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We appreciate the effort it requires and thank each judge for their time and for these awards and don't forget to click on these links to visit the fine sites and apply for them for your own site!

Awarded 11/7/03 AS! Hall of Quality

Other places to win awards:  AWARD SITES! Guide . . . rates and lists website award programs; recognizes 
the best sites in three halls; lists quality free resource sites; and provides useful Internet related articles. Awards Worksheet

Our gifts:


"When people see this Award on your site I want them to know that the site that has achieved this Award is a friendly place, a place where you will feel welcome as an equal; a place of quality, in honour, kindness, and sincerity, no matter what your standing in life."
From Paul and 
Gitta Gallagher

Click for Full Screen - A gift from Monika
From Monika 
of TMC Designs. 

A gift from Rosie
From Singer-Songwriter
Rosie Hardman

I named Sozo's Baby

To you, a rare and wonderful individual who brought the gift of friendship into my life, I give the Nem5 Harmony Award. You can't apply for it. There are no scores to add up for it. There are no link requirements or other expectations in earning it. You may display it on their site or mount it on a post for target practice. No matter what is done with it, it comes from me. It comes from the heart of one friend to another for the warmth and caring you share so freely. It goes to someone who won more than a score. It goes to someone who earned a friend.
Thank you, 

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